How to identify the true and false potassium monopersulfate? Tell you 10 important performances of potassium monopersulfate to identify it easily

With the continuous feedback from farmers, potassium monopersulfate reflects the following advantages in the actual use process:
1, Oxygen: real potassium monopersulfate compound itself contains oxygen ingredients, can directly increase oxygen to the bottom.
2, Oxidation: The standard electrode potential (E0) of potassium monopersulfate is 1.85 eV, which can oxidize black sediment and other organic matter, and reduce the generation of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia nitrogen and nitrite.
3, Bacteriostasis: this is from the characteristics of potassium monopersulfate itself, which can effectively control the reproduction of bacteria in the bottom mud and water, and reduce the impact of harmful bacteria on the bottom and water. It is of great significance to reduce the increase of total bacteria in sediment in a small range continuously for restraining the rapid propagation of total bacteria and heterotrophic bacteria in uncontrollable weather.
4, Transparent: this is a very important difference between real and fake: regular use of potassium monopersulfate can obviously see that the bottom becomes more loose, transparent. This change of bottom increases the buffer capacity of the bottom of the water. In the face of some external environment changes, the whole water ecology will have a strong resistance. However, the bottom mud might get stiff if fake product are used regularly, which reduces the comprehensive anti-buffering capacity of water body.
5, Proliferation: this is also an important difference for real and fake goods. Using potassium monopersulfate regularly can significantly reduced fertilizer products, because the real potassium monopersulfate could let part of the organic matter of sediment deposition return the water after oxidation. On the one hand, potassium monopersulfate could reduce the sediment, on the other hand, potassium monopersulfate could provide available material to the algae and other microorganisms in water bodies, so as to keep the water longer fertility.
6, Water purification: because the real potassium monopersulfate itself has the function of flocculation and bacteriostasis, so the second day after using the product, it is generally found that water transparency will be improved. In addition, for sticky water, genuine potassium monopersulfate will also play an excellent water purification effect.
7, Detoxification: Organic acids and surfactants are added to the formula system of potassium monopersulfate compound , which can achieve the effect of removing various harmful things in the water body, and can play a role in detoxification. In fact, after regular use, it can be clearly observed.
8, Deodorization: real potassium monopersulfate can remove and reduce the fishy smell of water, the main reason is that it can effectively decompose some odorous substances, such as ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, harmful algae secretions, etc. In fact, in the promotion of products for human use, potassium monopersulfate has a product that can be used for toilet deodorization.
9, Increase food intake: through farmers’ feedback, we found that in high temperature day, if the fish reduced food intake on the premise of no disease, farmers scattered potassium monopersulfate compound near the loading area or the whole pool, the fish increased food intake in many pool area. we preliminary judgment because the dissolved oxygen increased, the harmful index reduced, thus the forcing factor of fish feeding reduced and eventually increasing food intake.
10, Disease resistance: potassium monopersulfate exists as a disinfectant at the beginning of the invention. In fact, high content of potassium monopersulfate has a good killing effect on most harmful bacteria. In practical use, we found that in the treatment of some diseases, the first night to use medium and high content of potassium monopersulfate bottom modification tablets, the next morning to use some liquid disinfectant, in this way the treatment effect will be greatly improved.

Post time: May-19-2022