Disinfectant powder

Ta Fang Potassium monopersulfate disinfectant powder uses potassium monopersulfate as its active ingredient. The content of potassium monopersulfate is 50% at least and the content of active chlorine is 10% at least.

Ta Fang Potassium Monopersulfate Disinfectant Powder is produced by Hebei Suruikang Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd, and sold by Natai Chemical. The two companies have a friendly cooperative relationship. 

which can be used for disinfection of livestock and poultry houses, air, fixed or mobile equipment, transport vehicles, animal skins, etc. Prevention and treatment of aquaculture fish, shrimp bleeding, enteritis and other diseases.

The permeability of cell membrane and other biofilms could be changed broken by this disinfectant powder, then the DNA and RNA synthesis of pathogens would be interfered with, which will affects the activity of pathogen enzyme system and makes the protein coagulation denatured. In this way, the metabolism of pathogens is affected. At the same time, due to the rupture of biofilm, enzymes and nutrients are lost, pathogens are dissolved and broken, and pathogens are killed.

Hebei Suruikang Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd has Sanitary permit of disinfection products production enterprise, Ta Fang Potassium monopersulfate disinfectant powder has ISO9001 certification, and Natai Chemical has rich experience on exporting. We are ready to serve you! 

[Product Specification]

1.0kg/ barrel, 5kg/barral, 10kg/barral, 20kg/barral

or as consumer requirement

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