Potassium monopersulfate compound

Potassium monopersulfate compound is a triple salt of potassium monopersulfate, potassium hydrogen sulfate and potassium sulfate. The active constituent is potassium peroxymonosulfate (KHSO5), also as known as potassium monopersulfate.

Potassium monopersulfate compound is a kind of free-flowing white granular or powder with acidity and oxidation, and is soluble in water. The particular advantage of potassium monopersulfate compound is chlorine-free, so there is no risk of forming hazardous by-products. 

Potassium monopersulfate compound are applied in many industries, such as water treatment, surface treatment and soft-etching, paper and pulp, animal disinfection, aquaculture field, swimming pool/spa, denture cleaning, pretreatment of wool, soil treatment, etc. More detailed information can be found in our “Applications” or you can contact us according to the contact information on the webpage.

Natai Chemical has a leading position in the worldwide production of potassium monopersulfate compound with an annual production of several thousand tons. 

Molecular Formula: 2KHSO5•KHSO4•K2SO4
Molecular Weight: 614.7
CAS NO.: 70693-62-8
Package: 25Kg/ PP Bag
UN Number: 3260, Class 8, P2
HS Code: 283340

Appearance White powder or granule
Assay(KHSO5),% ≥42.8
Active oxygen, % ≥4.5
Bulk density,g/cm3 ≥0.8
Moisture,% ≤0.15
Particle Size, (75μm,%) ≥90
Water Solubility (20%, g/L) 290
pH (10g/L aqueous solution, 20℃) 2.0-2.4